Michael the Archangel
Michael the Archangel Ministry Program


Fraternal Order of Police - Philadelphia Lodge #5

Our Mission

Pastoral Care, Crisis Ministry, and Spiritual Enrichment

The mission of Michael the Archangel Ministry Program is to provide multi-denominational pastoral care, crisis ministry, and spiritual enrichment opportunities to the 14,000 active and retired members as well as families. 

This program offers support to members in both their professional and personal life by providing this ministry during critical moments.


  • All the services one would expect from the clergy but provided by a chaplain in the workplace.
  • On site pastoral counseling.
    Scheduled personal pastoral care counseling.
  • Hospital visits and care of the sick and terminally ill.
  • Ministering to officers who have lost family members and other loved ones.
  • Assisting with the coordination of funeral services.


As the first outreach for help by officers, the chaplain is prepared to use an array of appropriate referral resources. Pastoral counseling is available to all active and retired police officers as well as family members upon request. In addition, FOP 5 has a number of other support services available.

Spiritual Enrichment

Please reach out to us for Spiritual Enrichment.

Please reach out to learn more.

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